Uniterm manufactures a vast range of finned tube coils, both to customers' drawings and of her own design.
Many years of experience in a great diversity of applications allow us to assist the customer in the identification and selection of the parameters necessary in obtaining the best coil execution.

Apart from the more robust finned tube coils with spiral-wound fins, we are also able to offer the more compact and economical fin-coil packs for less severe operating conditions.
Finned tube coils are employed in drying and dehumidification processes, condensing, refrigeration, air conditioning and heat recovery. They can be supplied in a wide range of combinations of metals: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, copper alloys, nickel alloys, titanium.

The industrial applications are numerous and include, amongst others:

- chemical industry
- food industry
- textile production
- paper works
- tanneries
- wood industry
- production of surface coatings
- plastic moulding industry
- cooling of turbine air intakes
- anti-freeze coils for process air
- coils for hybrid cooling towers
- ovens
- printing machines
- solvent recovery
- greenhouses and breeding areas
- cold rooms

On request Uniterm can also supply just the unmounted finned tubes, in standard lenghts or cut to order, in various material combinations and geometrical forms.

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