Since 1959 many things have changed but certainly not the value of our original aim that was nothing other than Dedication to Quality.
Dedication to Quality in all its different facets - from the analysis of specific needs to design, from production to process control to after-sales service - is demonstrated by the certification - obtained in 1996 - of the Quality Systems to the standards and guidelines of ISO 9001.

To meet the ever-increasing needs of our clients both thermodynamic and mechanical design are always supported by computers.
Our calculating programs are state of the art in their specific areas and their results are periodically monitored with experimental data from the field. Manufacture of pressurized and structural parts is carried out so as to meet the most important international standards and different production phases are normally monitored with our clients' inspectors.

Many resources are dedicated to the training and qualification of our staff and to motivate our most experienced operators, as we know that our competence depends also upon the competence of the members of our staff. Uniterm S.r.l. today is a firm focused on the client's specific requirements, with a range of products inspired by criteria of solidity and efficiency in the most demanding industrial applications, designed and manufactured for each single specific job.

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